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Only you know what kind of look and style you desire with your new roofing and what kind of budget you’re working with in order to achieve that. If you’re looking for an experienced roofing contractor who specializes in metal roofing in Lethbridge or the surrounding areas of Southern Alberta, look no further than Delrei Roofing, Exteriors & Restoration.


There have been many modern advancements in terms of design and construction when it comes to metal roofing, making this an increasingly popular roofing choice among today’s savvy home and business owners. Metal roofing offers many benefits, including durability, energy-efficiency and elegant, timeless beauty. Metal roofing is lightweight when compared to traditional shingles, which allows for quicker, easier installation (even in the middle of winter’s frigid grasp). It’s fireproof and resistant to heavy precipitation, high winds and insect damage.

The Different Types of Metal Roofing
Metal roofing comes in many different types, including panels and shingles, but the most common varieties include R-panel, corrugated and architectural standing seams. If you’re looking for the type of roofing with the lowest maintenance required,

  • R-panel makes a solid choice because it’s so easy to install. Available in many colours, it’s popular for both residential and commercial roofing systems.

  • Corrugated metal roofs afford the classic look and feel found on many older barns and shacks, making them popular among homeowners, restaurants and retail stores.

  • Architectural standing seams is the right choice when you want the best metal roofing that’s resistant to wind and water. Available in various colours and metals including copper, aluminum, zinc, steel and tin, architectural standing seams can be made to resemble cedar shake, tile, slate and even asphalt shingles.

When is Metal Roofing Best Used?
Metal roofing provides a solid resistance to storms, rapid temperature changes, large hail and heavy snowfall. It can also help you add long-term value to your home or business, providing excellent insulation to help you reduce your overall heating and cooling costs. While the initial installation costs of metal roofing tend to be a little higher than some of the other types of available roofing, it also tends to enjoy a longer lifespan than some of them (up to 100 years if you use copper!). You may even be eligible for special insurance discounts and tax credits when you opt for metal roofing.

5-Year Warranties and Free Estimates
When it comes to offering you peace of mind, not all roofing contractors are created equal. Delrei Roofing, Exteriors & Restoration offers reliability and professionalism and we stand behind our workmanship on all jobs with a 5-year workmanship warranty. From new roofing to roofing repairs and re-roofing for insurance claims, we’re here for you.  Give us a call today to discuss your project and request a free estimate!

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